Saturday, October 11, 2008

New saying for the wall - Find joy in the journey!

I love this saying. It is taken from a talk from our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. The minute I heard him say this in General Conference, I knew that I wanted to put the saying up in my home somewhere. Mission Accomplished :)! May each of us find joy in whatever journey we are on!
Note: I used the Stone script and Home accents cartridges for the cricut


Michy said...

How do you find balance in life? I can't seem to do it- I either am doing well balancing my children and husband and home but failing miserably with my personal life or I'm doing the opposite. Getting to the temple, personal scripture study, exercise etc are so hard for me to get done. Any suggestions on what you have found that works? I'm amazed at all you get done on top of all the kids. :-)

Tycksen Family said...


I think that is the biggest question for all of us as mom's. I have a hard time finding the balance as well. In fact, you should see my house on the days that I blog or do projects...scary! I think..if I were to get up at 5:00am ..I could get all that done. But, reality is...I don't and I can't with younger kiddos. Just lately I have learned that if my cup is not full, then, I won't have any left over for my family. Does that mean I do everything? NO!! Does that mean I can do better each and every day? Of course. Things that have helped me are:
1. keeping an ensign in the car, it seems i'm always waiting for someone or picking up someone.
2. Listening to conference while I blog or do crafts (I just started that).
3. I go to the temple with my daughter early Tuesday mornings 4:30am --having her to support and be anxious keeps me motivated. I started this a few years ago and it really helps..I can go when the children are sleeping and we get back..they are still asleep. :)
4. Don't be hard on yourself. I remember when I was getting down on myself when I said I wasn't doing my personal study..but, I was doing family study. And a sweet friend said, Time and Season...right now that is what counts and matters.
And that is what is most important!! Heavenly Father didn't say..ok I want you to do everything exactly perfect today!! He just says little by little, line upon line. So, I know for me I choose one thing to work on at a time...otherwise, nothing happens.(Right now..that would be ..being more diligent in MY personal prayers).
Oh and my exercise is chasing the kids, or lifting laundry..I hope to do more...but, right now ..I am trying to "run" a household.

You are doing amazing! I have days where I do great, other days are not so great!! (i just choose not to blog that stuff:)

You let me know if anything works for your family too..I'm always looking for ideas to do and be better.

Sharon said...

Hi Nat

I love your blog! You are so sweet to share your wonderful creations...and thanks for thinking of me way up here in the frozen North.

Love ya!