Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Card or Invite

This is a really quick and easy card for Halloween. I used my cuttlebug and embossed the front with "Haunted House" embossing folder. Then inked the front with black ink and chalked the moon and windows. I was inspired by Susan at can find hers
here. I love her cards, she always has great ideas!


Mrs Braga said...

can you explain the black ink part? like how you did it? i am new at this. I have the happy hauntings cuttlebug folder.. i have 13 cards to make and i like the simple idea.. just need some help? thanks!!

Tycksen Family said...

Yes I can. You just take your black ink and rub it on the sides and front of the card. Does that make sense? It is more simple with smaller ink pads, but large ones work too. You might want to do one and just practice. :). It is quick and easy!!! Good Luck!