Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There's just no place on earth like home - vinyl quote on wood using SCAL and cricut.

I have this saying in my home and I was playing around one day and came up with this. Once again the font and flower were FREE and I didn't have to buy a cartridge. LOVE IT!!

Vinyl sayings on wood blocks using SCAL and the cricut

Here are just some examples of things I have put on wood using SCAL.

This Family Believes - Vinyl quote on wood

I have always liked this saying and so I created something similar to those I have seen online. I used my SCAL to create it and cut it out with the cricut. Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Christmas tree VINYL TILE using cricut and SCAL

I found this saying here and I was able to re-create it using my SCAL and cricut.
I love this site. It has great ideas!

Custom Sleds using vinyl and the cricut

One of my neighbors asked if I would help make her daughter a "BUTTERFLY SLED". So, here is what I cam up with. I used my SCAL program with my cricut and found all these butterflies FREE from dafont.com Can't beat that. I did use my cricut cartridge LYRICAL LETTERS for the name.

Monday, January 25, 2010

ABC BLOCKS using vinyl

I wanted to make some alphabet blocks for Christmas and told my neice about it...and she got the ball rolling. She went and bought 2 - 2 x 2 pieces of wood and cut and sanded about 150 blocks. She then came over and we painted them and then my daughters and I put Vinyl lettering on them. To seal them I used Mod Podge. They were so fun and they turned out great and my little girls LOVE them. The letters have capital letters on one side and lower case on the other. The numbers have different shapes. What's even more fun is the box I got to put them in. I will post a picture when I get on taken.

Christmas Decorations using vinyl

Above my entertainment center I have 4 gifts that are wrapped. I had one without a bow and so I decided to add a saying. The other 3 gifts represent the 3 wise men and the gifts they gave. The other one represents what gift we will give to our Savior. I used the stone script cricut cartridge.

The Merry Christmas block were a gift from my friend Robyn. She is amazing. She cut out the blocks, painted them and added the vinyl. I love them. THANKS AGAIN ROBYN>>>LOVE THEM.

Christmas Vinyl sayings cut out by my sweet friend Kristin

These sayings were cut out by my friend Kristin. I now can cut them out with my SCAL. The Christmas candy chains are something we do every year. We have our children set aside 25 pieces of candy on Halloween and then we put our chains together at the end of November or first of December. I loved the addition of "Christmas Countdown" this year.. THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!

Holiday Containers - vinyl sayings using SCAL

These cute containers were at Smith's in December and I cut out Merry Christmas with my cricut using the SCAL and the font: Country ALphabet.

Christmas Vinyl sayings and Cutouts using SCAL

Here are some of the vinyl sayings I did this last year using my Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL).


My sister got me the absolute best gift for Christmas...and gave it to me early. It is called Sure cuts a lot and it is FANTASTIC! The best place to purchase it, according to my sister and I, is
She has the best website for tutorials and free fonts and dingbats. I have personally emailed her about questions and have received a response within 15 minutes to a couple hours. What is great is that you never have to buy a cartridge again. I increased my cartridge size by 100+ It works with your existing fonts on your computer. It is also so user friendly. LOVE IT!!! I will show use some things that I have done with it. It allows you to take a jpeg file and convert it and cut it out! TOO FUN!!! I had so much fun over the holidays!

Fun missionary gift

I took an old peanut butter plastic jar that I saved and cut out a missionary from my cricut in vinyl and we wrote a poem to go with how we were"beary" excited for him serving a mission. And then we filled it with cinnamon bears and used black tulle for the bow.

Cricut cartridges used: Paper doll and street sign

Thanksgiving Vinyl saying for front door or window

This is what I did for Thanksgiving this year. I put it on my storm door. I used the cricut cartridges: Lyrical letters and wild card for the leaves.