Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding Banner

This is the first banner and biggest project I have done with vinyl. I was not able to cut out something this big on my cricut. The banner is 4 x6 feet. Luckily, I know someone with a bigger machine and she was so great to help me and cut this out :)!! THanks KRISTIN!!! My sister and I put it on the banner ... it was so much fun and I think it turned out great. Thanks Shari again for your late night help and for finding the image for the dancing couple. And Kristin ... You are amazing!!!

We hung the banner by the "dance floor." The font used was Scriptina.

My sister in law is a folk dancer for BYU ... don't you think the dancing couple looks like that? They are so much fun!!!


Natalie said...

How fun to have a theme for a wedding :) Looks like you've discovered your next big toy...

Tycksen Family said...

Exactly what Wade said when I told him someone else cut it out! :) I would love it!