Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to make a quick palm tree

We had a daddy/daughter party for our 8-11 year old girls and their special guy in their life.
Here is a picture of a simple way to make a palm tree. I found the idea on the internet a few years ago, but I cannot find the source.
You get an empty carpet tube. I had one and cut it in 1/2 and made 2 palm trees. You then take brown lunch sacks, cut off the bottom and put them on the tube...and scrunch them together. Makes the trunk.
The top you can do 3 different ways:
  • fake fern in the top (easiest) ~ Thank you Shelly for the use of your plants :)
  • Cut leaves from butcher paper and put a flower wire behind each leaf and then place it in the top with floral foam ..not sure if it is called that. This is great if your trees are against a wall...because you can staple or tape some of the leaves to the wall.
  • Last, take a green umbrella and put it in the top, or take the material off the umbrella and put leaves cut out of paper on the frame of the umbrella.
I have tried the first 2 and they have turned out great, inexpensive too.


Becky said...

Natalie you are such a talented woman! You inspire me. Thank you for all you do, this is my first time on this site. It is fantastic!!!!!! How fun are you!

Tycksen Family said...

Thanks Becky! You always know how to make me feel good. This blog is a lot of fun!

Benjamin & Cheryl said...

What a cool palm tree!! :) That looks awesome... it doesn't surprise me though. Anything you touch turns to gold. I think you are our very own alchemist! ;)