Monday, September 15, 2008

Secret Service Agent Invite

In our church I am blessed to work with the girls that are 8-11 years old. We had a great combined activity last week. We found the idea on, it is a Secret Service Agent Activity. I was in charge of making the invitations. I used my cricut to cut out envelopes and tags. I then printed info on the tag, inked it black and attached a red ribbon. On the envelope I stamped
TOP SECRET in white and added a paper with AGENTS WANTED attached with a paper clip. The activity was a blast. Everyone did a fabulous job. They received breifcases, id's, a service mission for the next week and badges. One of my favorite parts was that we took their ID PHOTO with those funny glasses that have a nose attached. They were all so very cute. It turned out great..thanks to all the helpful and talented women in our ward!!


Jen said...

I saw one of these and wondered who had made it! They were so cute! I am very very impressed! Everything is so stinkin cute!

Tycksen Family said...

Thanks Jen! I feel the same about your photography is amazing!!!